AVL System Design#

This section describes the system design of the Agricultural Virtual Laboratory. It comprises two main building blocks, namely the Thematic processing subsystem and the Exploitation subsystem, which are based on two existing software packages, TAO and the xcube ecosystem, respectively. AVL ingests various data sets either from data archives stored in repositories or from data portal services like SentinelHub or xcube geoDB. Users are provided with individual workspaces and have the choice between different interfaces: the interface to the thematic processing subsystem (TAO), a Jupyter Lab environment, and an interactive visualisation app (xcube viewer).

The system design documentation consists of four parts, describing the design of the thematic processing subsystem, the exploitation subsystem, and the test procedures.

  1. Processing system design
  2. Exploitation system design
  3. Processing system test procedures and results
  4. Exploitation system test procedures and results