Software used by AVL#

Software used in thematic processing subsystem#

Name Version Purpose License URL
apache commons various Components of Apache Commons collection Apache 2.0
docker 20.10.7 Software container packaging, management, and deployment Apache 2.0
gdal 3.2.4+ Geospatial data format conversion MIT
geotools 26.0 Java geospatial library LGPL
hibernate 5.4.7 Java ORM library LGPL v2.1
jackson 2.13 JSON/XML serialization and deserialization Apache 2.0
jna 5.5.0 Java to native libraries bridge Apache 2.0
jquery 3.2.1 General purpose javascript library MIT
jsch 0.1.55 Java SSH client BSD
jsplumb 2.4.2 Javascript library for graph building (community edition) jsPlumb
jts 1.18.2 Java topology suite library for geometries EPL 2.0
openjdk 8u212+ Java runtime and development libraries GPL v2+cpath
orfeo toolbox 7.3.0 Geospatial image processing toolbox Apache 2.0
postgresql 11.0 Database server Postgres/MIT
postgis 3.1.2 PostgreSQL geospatial extensions Postgres/MIT
pty4j 0.11.4 Java terminal emulator EPL 1.0
reactor 2.0.8 Non-blocking messaging bus abstraction library Apache 2.0
snap 8.0.5 Sentinels Application Platform GPL v3
spring 5.2.3 Java framework for microservices Apache 2.0
velocity 1.7 Script engine Apache 2.0

Software used in exploitation subsystem#

Name Version Purpose License URL
affine 2.3.1 Perform affine transformations of geographic data BSD 3-clause
click 8.1.3 Process command-line arguments BSD 3-clause
cmocean 2.0 Provide colour maps MIT
coiled 0.2.52 Provide on-demand dask clusters BSD 3-clause
dask 2022.11.1 Parallel computation BSD 3-clause
dask-image 2022.9.0 Distributed image processing BSD 3-clause
distributed 2022.11.1 Distributed scheduler for dask BSD 3-clause
docker 20.10.7 Software container packaging, management, and deployment Apache 2.0
fiona 1.8.21 Vector API for gdal BSD 3-clause
fsspec 2022.11.0 File-system interface layer BSD 3-clause
gdal 3.5.1 Geospatial data format conversion MIT
geopandas 0.12.1 Geospatial extensions for the pandas library BSD 3-clause
helm 3.7.0 Package manager for kubernetes Apache 2.0
jdcal 1.4.1 Conversion between Julian and calendar dates BSD 2-clause
jsonschema 4.2.1 Validation of JSON data MIT
jupyterhub 1.5.0 Multi-user server for Jupyter notebooks BSD 3-clause
jupyterlab 3.5.0 Web-based scientific notebook IDE BSD 3-clause
kubernetes 1.22.2 Container workload deployment, scaling, and operation Apache 2.0
mamba 1.1.0 Python package management BSD 3-clause
matplotlib-base 3.5.0 Data visualization Matplotlib
mkdocs 1.2 Format and build documentation BSD 2-clause
netcdf4 1.6.0 Reading and writing NetCDF files MIT
numba 0.56.4 Just-in-time compilation of Python code BSD 2-clause
numpy 1.23.5 Numerical, scientific, and mathematical functions BSD 3-clause
pandas 1.5.2 Analysis of tabular, relation, and labelled data BSD 3-clause
pillow 8.4.0 Image processing HPND
pyjwt 2.6.0 Encode and decode JSON web tokens MIT
pyproj 3.4.0 Cartographic projection, coordinate transformation MIT
python 3.9.7 Main implementation language PSFL
pyyaml 6.0 Serialize and deserialize data using YAML format MIT
rasterio 1.3.2 Read and write geospational raster daa BSD 3-clause
rasterstats 0.17.0 Statistics of raster datasets based on vector geometries BSD 3-clause
requests 2.26.0 Make HTTP requests Apache 2.0
requests-oauthlib 1.3.1 OAuth library support for requests library ISC
rfc3339-validator 0.1.4 Validation of date and time strings MIT
rioxarray 0.13.1 rasterio support for xarray Apache 2.0
s3fs 2022.11.0 Filesystem-like access to S3 data stores BSD 3-clause
scipy 1.8.0 Fundamental algorithms for scientific computing BSD 3-clause
sentinelhub 3.4.4 Access to Sentinel Hub datasets MIT
setuptools 59.2.0 Facilitate packaging for Python projects MIT
shapely 1.8.5 Manipulation and analysis of geometric objects BSD 3-clause
tornado 6.1 Python web framework and asynchronous networking library Apache 2.0
urllib3 1.26.7 HTTP client for Python MIT
xarray 2022.11.0 Process labelled multi-dimensional arrays Apache 2.0
xcube 0.12.1 Toolkit for managing EO/climate data cubes. MIT
xcube-cci 0.9.6 xcube access to ESA CCI Open Data Portal MIT
xcube-cds 0.9.1 xcube access to Copernicus Climate Data Store MIT
xcube-geodb 1.0.4 Geospatial database plugin for xcube MIT
xcube-sh 0.9.5 xcube access to Sentinel Hub datasets MIT
zarr 2.13.3 Implement compressed, chunked, N-dimensional arrays MIT